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music coach

Take your music to the next level. Get the answers you need to develop into a sustainable career.


artistic evaluation

Are you ready? Bring Mission Management Group to your project for an evaluation of the music, the concept and the plan.

promotional services

Ready for radio? Heading out on a tour? Get the most out of your release with a radio tracking or publicity campaign. Mission Management Group provides a variety of services to fit the need of any artist. Submit your music to be considered for tracking or publicity by our team.

You wouldn't build a house without a plan, would you? Your music career doesn't have a chance without a foundation.

Get your music working for you.

artist management

Mission Management is a boutique agency. Coached artists are considered for Artist Management services.



Is there a piece of the puzzle missing? From grant writing to tour planning, Mission Management Group has the network to fill any missing link.

I really enjoy Cathleen’s energy and passion for the indie music scene. After getting to know her better, I’m excited to work more with her in the future.
— Beth Marie Anderson
Professional Communicator, Cathleen McMahon, explains why you do not need a training session on social media platforms.

the Music is the foundation of your career.

be heard.