My Studio Life

Every year I find myself hanging out with someone in the studio. This year it is an artist I've been working with for over ten years. This is his sixth studio album.

Throughout the years I've watch him try so many different concoctions to making the studio sessions work... band with friends, band with new friends, solo with friend as a producer... all tricky situations where he has felt pressured and caved his opinion on things from production ideas to lyrical changes. The products are all great, don't get me wrong, but there is something to be said for having artistic influence.

Not this time.

Enter Mr. Zak Cohen of the Woodshop Studio on Vancouver Island. Earlier in 2017, we were here at the Woodshop with the band Lion Bear Fox. The result of ten days in the studio with producer, Nygel Asselin, resulted in the band's first full length self-titled release.

As I'm sitting here listening to Ryan McMahon lay down his scratch tracks, I can't help think back to the moments I've spent in the repetitive arena of master recording creation. I can honestly say that I never get tired of hearing the sounds, the banter and the magic that comes after the second, third or thirtieth take. You can hear when the energy is right and the pocket is visited by everyone in the room... the groove is hit... all heads start moving together to the timing...

These are just the scratch tracks.

I love them already. I love my studio life.

Cathleen McMahon