Northern Lights Festival 2019 - An inaugural event

The verdict is in… The Northern Lights Festival 2020 is in the planning stages. The inaugural event proved to be a success. I had an incredible experience bringing music in from the Yukon, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Next year we have to see the Atlantic Provinces in the line up!

My involvement as Music Director gave me the opportunity to introduce the bands to the audiences and share the vision of the Northern Lights Festival. The vision to showcase Canadian talent under the Northern Lights.

The line up of the 2019 festival included performances by, (in order of appearance):

Jasmine Netsena (Local) | Diyet and the Love Soldiers (Yukon) | Alaska Highway Road Show (Local) | Lauren Mayell (AB) | JP Hoe (MN) | Darryl Laventure (Local) | wiL (BC) | BiPolar Bear (BC) | Ryan McMahon (BC) | William Prince (MN) | Lance Lapointe (BC) | Cory Woodward (BC) | Leeroy Stagger (AB) | Lion Bear Fox (BC) | Craig Cardiff (ON) | The Sheepdogs (SK)

Twenty-four performances over fourteen days in three different venues was a lot to take on for a first time festival. Artists from across the country came in by car, plane and charter to entertain and share their version of Canadian music with the festival goers.

Festival attendees arrived from China, Singapore, Malaysia, The United States and from four different Canadian provinces. Thank you to all who came and enjoyed the community, culture and music events. Please make note of the date announcement for 2020.

Dates set for 2020 - March 19th - 29th, 2020.

Cathleen McMahon