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Four months into the release of In Line for a Smile, released on February 2, McMahon is heading out again to play for audiences throughout BC and Alberta. The tour, which is named after a song on the album, will take him away to the Ironwood Stage in Calgary. The Ironwood Stage is one of four venues McMahon pays homage to in the song.

The song tells the story of a touring musician. Touring takes musicians away from their homes, families and friends and embarks them on a journey of making new ones in each place they stop and perform music. McMahon plays over 150 shows each year to small groups of people who have become his road families over the years.

“Touring is both difficult and extremely rewarding. I have to leave the people I love the most to play the music I love,” states McMahon. “The joy comes from getting on stage and seeing the faces of people who have joined me in this journey to connect through music. These people are the core of what gets me into Vanpa Bob every few months. Without them, the venues would disappear and the music would to.”

Vanpa Bob is McMahon’s touring van. Before his passing in 2016, his Grandfather  helped out when the old touring vehicle became too sketchy to take on the long hauls. He upgraded the Astro van to a full size cargo that could take the beatings of the touring months of prairie winters.

Both of Ryan’s grandparents and the support they gave him over his lifetime are presented in the song This House is Not for Sale. In 2018, the family home of the past 74 years had to be sold. Ryan does his best to pay respect to the lives of Bob and Phyllis, his father, Barry and his own childhood memories with lyrical pictures of the charmed life that was lead in the walls and in the yard of his grandparents magical garden.

Ryan will be playing this song and many others from the six albums in his discography mixed with covers of his favourites and the usual banter starting May 16th in Summerland at an Evening in the Valley. The Ironwood Stage performance is May 17th with Mike Edel. Ticket information is available on Ryan McMahon’s website at

Tour dates:

May 16 - Evening in the Valley - SUMMERLAND, BC

May 18 - Ironwood Stage - CALGARY, AB (w/ Mike Edel)

May 19 - Good Earth Cafe - CANMORE, AB

May 21 - Almanac - EDMONTON, AB

May 22 - Secret Streetcar Show - EDMONTON, AB (this isn't announced 'til May 8)

May 23 - The HomePlace - LACOMBE, AB

May 24 - House Concert - PONOKA, AB

May 25 - Ruffington House - CAMROSE, AB

May 28 - Cityview Lounge - KAMLOOPS, BC

May 31 - Acoustic Emporium - CHILLIWACK, BC

Visit for more details.

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